Things to Know About an Emergency Clinic in Maui

An Emergency Clinic in Maui provides urgent care for patients who do not have a life-threatening injury or illness, or who do not need hospitalization. These types of clinics are open outside of regular business hours to a certain extent in addition to normal hours. They may be open throughout the day on weekends, for example.

People should call an ambulance or have someone rush them to a hospital emergency room if they have symptoms of a heart attack, stroke or other very serious health episode. The same is true for any severe injury that could become fatal or cause the loss of a body part. Otherwise, many situations are better handled by an Emergency Clinic in Maui. There, patients can walk in and be seen promptly by a health care practitioner. In hospital emergency rooms, patients with less serious conditions may have to wait a very long time to be seen and treated.

Some urgent care clinics ask patients to call ahead of time if possible. The doctors, nurse care practitioners or physician assistants typically can fit these patients in the schedule within a few hours. Other clinics function entirely on a walk-in basis. There may be a longer waiting time at these facilities, as the practitioners must see patients in order of condition severity.

Someone with a sore throat, earache or symptoms of a urinary tract infection, for instance, will receive prompt attention at an urgent care clinic such as Wailea Medical Center. The patient may need prescription medication that can be provided at the center. These health problems are not considered life-threatening, but they can be painful and aggravating. They also can lead to worse problems if ignored.

A sprained ankle or wrist can be treated there, and some relatively minor bone fractures can be as well. A mild episode of asthma can be resolved at an urgent care facility, but a more severe one should be handled at a hospital emergency room. Sometimes a patient comes to this type of facility because he or she cannot schedule a same-day appointment with the family’s primary care doctor. Visit the website for information on this particular health care clinic.

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