Things To Know About Your Injection Molding Service

With the different types of thermoplastics used today in a wide range of industries, the number of injection molding services in the United States, as well as around the world, has increased exponentially.

Having a selection of companies to choose from for the service is always good for customers, but it is important for the OEM to understand not all of these services offer the same final product.

There are many different factors to consider in selecting a quality injection molding company. Failing to take the time and find out the basics of the company can result in costly delays in production, poor quality parts and components, and even damage to your company branding and marketing. Worse case scenarios may even include lawsuits if the plastic part or component was responsible for damage, injury or death.

There are several different issues any OEM should know about injection molding services under consideration for a contract. Avoid the temptation to choose based on the bid or quote and instead, focus on these factors first, using the quoted cost as the last factor to consider.

Ability to Help With Resin Selection

Some OEMs will have a specific resin in mind when discussing the project with the injection molding company. It is still a good idea to listen to the information the company may offer on different resins to meet various environmental or working conditions.

Understanding the Project

The best injection molding services will take the time to understand the project and the specific requirements of the part or component. They will communicate their ideas and look for creative ways to lower the cost of manufacturing while maintaining or adding to the durability, production speed and the quality of the finished part or component.

Always take the time to find out the plastic company’s experience in your industry, the company’s years in the business and their ability to offer scalability in production to meet current and future order volume requirements.

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