Three Important Reasons For An Oral Examination In Loveland CO

Regular dental check-ups are important so dentists can identify and treat any dental problems. Dental issues will continue to get worse without the proper dental care and scheduling twice yearly oral exams will ensure that patients have healthy teeth and gums. Read three important reasons why individuals should regularly schedule an oral examination in Loveland CO with their dentist.

Dentists Can Identify Tooth Decay

By performing an oral exam, the dentist can carefully look at the teeth and spot areas of each tooth that’s decayed. Identifying tooth decay as soon as possible will prevent cavities from becoming larger. When a dental patient has a decayed tooth, the dentist will recommend scheduling another visit so the tooth can be filled. When a dentist places a filling inside a tooth, it protects the tooth from further decay.

Dentists Can Recognize Gum Disease

In addition to examining a patient’s teeth, a dentist also inspects the gums and looks for signs of gingivitis. Gum disease is caused by plaque and tartar that gets on the bottom portion of the teeth that’s covered up by the gums. This results in irritation, swelling and bleeding of the gums, especially while brushing the teeth. When the dentist sees that a patient has gum disease, the recommendation is to have a procedure that’s done to clean the plaque and tartar off the roots of the teeth.

Dentists Can See Hidden Areas Of The Teeth With X-rays

Before an oral examination, many dentists have x-rays taken of their patient’s teeth. By looking at x-rays, a dentist can see areas of the teeth that can’t be seen during a visual examination. On the x-rays, the dentist will look for signs of decay between the teeth and underneath the fillings. The x-rays will also allow the dentist to closely examine the jawbone and look for abnormalities in the bone. A dentist can also spot the location of wisdom teeth on an x-ray if these teeth haven’t erupted through the gums. After an Oral Examination in Loveland CO, patients will have the chance to discuss any dental issues with their dentist.

Contact us to set up an appointment for an oral examination. Other services provided for Loveland residents include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery.


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