Three Liesure Destinations in Las Vegas NV Found “Off the Strip”

“The strip” is the famous center road of Las Vegas that hosts the city’s most historic and culturally rich landmarks. Everything that is everything is located on the strip. Visitors can spend weeks exploring the Liesure Destinations in Las Vegas NV that exist right there in the casino district of the world. But, can fun be found right off the strip? What are some great little leisure destinations that can be discovered when traveling a little off the beaten path?

  • The Bulldozer Playbox: Visitors can get behind a bulldozer and shake things up a bit- literally. A sandbox is a classic place for kids, but the same thing can be found for adults in Las Vegas. A large sandbox (roughly an acre of sand and dirt) can be explored from a bulldozer. Visitors take a short training course, and can get behind a bulldozer and explore, just like when they were 10.
  • Three Story Shark Slide: Las Vegas is known for extravagance. Few things are more extravagant than the three-story shark slide, a three-story dip through a shark tank. The shark tank can also be toured. So, while considering whether to take the drop, visitors can explore how far they will go and what they may see.
  • Exotic Car TPaganiagoni, Lamborghini, and Bugatti are just some of the vehicles available for visitors. Yes, visitors can rent a high-end luxury vehicle for the afternoon in a closed course. There are a few tracks available, just like a video game. It comes at a lofty price. But, it may be just the thing someone always wanted to do, but never had the chance. The vehicles available range from $400,000 to nearly one million dollars.

Visit website for a lot more information on Las Vegas. The website covers group travel packages, discount hotel rates, and reviews on sometimes relaxing and sometimes wild excursions that can be found in the brightest city in the Western Untied States. Liesure Destinations in Las Vegas NV are not always found right there on the strip. Explore a little further and find some golden nuggets that are worth sharing outside of Vegas. You can also visit them on Wikipedia for more information.

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