Three Secrets to Hiring a Great Website Developer in New York

So you’re seeking a hot shot website developer in New York for a web project. But here’s the problem – there are more than 11,000 people working as a website developer in the state. After a couple of days trying to find a great developer in the crowd, you may start to despair – especially if you’re no expert on the web development process.

But there is a secret to separating the best from the rest. In fact, there are three. Here’s how to find an outstanding website developer in New York:

Evaluate Their Communication Skills Early

Though it may seem counter-intuitive to prioritize this over coding skills, clear communication is the hallmark of an ace developer. While many developers can code well, those who can explain their work effectively are the ones whose projects stay on track.

So when you make contact with a potential New York website developer, take careful note of how clearly they respond to your brief; how much attention are they paying to detail? And are their answers clear and succinct? If there are communication issues from the start, look elsewhere.

Check Their Code

You don’t have to be an expert to run a few basic code tests. A simple page speed test will tell you if a website suffers from code bloat (Google’s PageSpeed insights tool is freely available to anyone with a Google Account). Using your browser to check the page’s source code is also a smart move – if it looks unnecessarily long – even to your untrained eye – it probably is.

Delve Into Their Portfolio

Sometimes, a website developer’s portfolio looks too good to be true. Often, that’s precisely the case – some developers may overstate their role in a project to try and stand out in a competitive market.

Start with a simple web search to see who else claims to have worked on the project – and see if they would recommend the developer. Contact a couple of their clients directly and ask if they would do the same – they may give you the real story behind the glossy portfolio.

Once a web developer has cleared these hurdles, you’re on the path to a great finished project.

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