Three Ways AM Richards Glass Co Inc In O’Fallon MO Can Make Glass Maintenance Simple

Windows allow natural light to stream into a home unimpeded and can allow any room to be bright and welcoming in any weather. As with any component that is exposed to external weather elements, there will be times when damage will occur and require repair or replacement. The team at AM Richards Glass Co Inc in O’Fallon MO offers a complete line of glass repair and installation services and can help keep any windows or glass surface working correctly and safely.

Foggy Windows

New windows are built using two pieces of glass, and manufacturers then inject a gas between the panes which helps to increase the window’s insulative properties and enhance the window’s UVA and UVB protective qualities. If the seal between the two panes breaks, it can cause moisture to condense inside and cause the windows to have a foggy appearance. A window repair expert can either replace the seal or the glass panes and restore the beauty of the glass in a matter of hours.

Window Boarding

When inclement weather is imminent, or a homeowner is going to be leaving a house vacant for an extended period, it is often a good idea to cover any windows with wood. It prevents sun damage and limits the chances of the glass becoming damaged due to winds and other debris. Many companies offer boarding services and can have a home ready for mother nature’s wrath in a matter of hours.

Window Hardware Repair

The hardware that is used to operate a window is exposed to a great deal of abuse, and over time it can break and stop functioning. Replacing the entire window can be costly, which is why many homeowners choose to replace only the hardware. From locks to cranks that operate vertical window installations, a professional can have any window hardware working reliably in just a few hours.

The idea of maintaining windows can be daunting, but the team at AM Richards Glass Co Inc in O’Fallon MO can help. Visit their Website to learn more about the services they provide, and how they can keep any glass surface in tip-top shape.

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