Tips And Tricks For A Beautiful, Chemical-Free Houston Lawn

Everyone wants to have a beautiful lawn, but there is growing concern about the dangers of using pesticides and other harsh chemicals to achieve the lush look of your dreams. Thankfully there are alternatives to those strong chemicals and their potentially negative effects on the environment and your family. Here are a few tips and tricks for a beautiful, chemical-free Houston lawn.

Don’t Bag Your Grass Clippings

Grass clippings make for fantastic fertilizer, and it saves you the hassle of raking and bagging up your clippings after you mow. Your clippings will return many important nutrients to the soil, encouraging healthy growth. It’s a great way to stimulate grass growth without using commercial fertilizer, which is often filled with harsh chemicals.

Mow Regularly, But Not Too Often

Brown or decaying grass is usually the result of your grass being cut too short, or your lawn being mowed too often. If you notice these spots popping up on your lawn, adjust your mower blades so they are slightly higher, and cut back on the frequency with which you mow. In hot, dry weather, allow your grass to grow slightly taller than usual, to help it retain moisture.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Another easy way to ensure your lawn looks beautiful is to keep your mower blades sharp at all times. Dull blades will rip the grass, instead of cutting it cleanly. This results in brown or yellow spots appearing across your lawn. A cleanly cut blade of grass will remain green.

Put Your Compost To Use

Instead of using store-bought fertilizer in the spring and fall, use your compost instead. Experts recommend fertilizing your lawn twice a year, to stimulate and encourage healthy, even growth. Compost works just as well as store-bought fertilizer, but without the strong chemicals. For the best results, use about a quarter of an inch of compost mixed with top soil and rake it into your lawn. The results will be a lush, healthy lawn without the use of dangerous chemicals.

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