Tips For Buying Refurbished Nihon Kohden EKG Machines

Running a hospital, clinic or patient care facility on a budget can be a challenge, so finding ways to cut costs while not cutting down on patient services is a real advantage. One option to consider is choosing refurbished Nihon Kohden EKG machines instead of buying new.

While any EKG machine is going to get a lot of use, it is not a piece of equipment that is typically subjected to a lot of wear and tear. However, all medical equipment, regardless of how carefully it is used, will eventually need to be replaced. Often, before doctors or facilities managers start considering a replacement, they spend a lot of time, effort and money on repair.

A better option is to avoid dealing with multiple repairs on a gradually aging machine and choose to upgrade to a newer model refurbished EKG machine. This gives you the benefit of a like-new device at a much lower cost that new, and one that has a warranty in place in the unlikely event of the need for repairs.

Reputable Dealers

When considering any of the Nihon Kohden EKG machines, start by looking only at reputable dealers. These companies will typically have their inventory online, making it easy for doctors and equipment supply managers to place orders.

However, be very cautious about ordering online from any company that is vague about their physical address or doesn’t list an actual location of business. Reputable companies will go out of their way to provide contact information and business information. Many will offer both new and refurbished medical equipment and perhaps even rental medical equipment, which may be another option to consider.

Compare Prices and Warranty

Before making a purchase of refurbished Nihon Kohden EKG machines, be sure to compare the warranties and prices offered by reputable medical supply companies. Factors such as shipping charges should also be considered as this can add to the cost. There are some top companies out there providing fully refurbished equipment with free shipping, extended warranty plans for free and even free paper and electrodes as part of the purchase price.

It is well worth calling in and talking to the company as well. Many refurbished EKG machines will be in high demand, and a top company will be able to work with your office or facility to ensure you get the machine you want within a reasonable budget amount. Some of this equipment has very little use, giving you a top quality machine at a great purchase price.

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