Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor for Commercial Basement Remodeling

Horror stories abound on the internet regarding Commercial Basement Remodeling gone wrong. The premise is so simple: waterproof the basement, then put that added functional space to good use. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong contractor can turn the process into a complicated nightmare.

Most commercial basement contractors are good people, but every profession has its share of hacks and bad apples. Follow the advice below to ensure that the person or company chosen for the job is actually capable of completing it on time and to specification.

Choose a Respected Company

Be sure to do business with a respected company that has been working in the industry for some time. Not only does this ensure that the contractors hired to do the work will have plenty of experience, but it also means that there should be plenty of reviews and testimonials to back-up the company’s claims.

Only Work With Licensed Contractors

It should go without saying that any contractor chosen to perform the work should have a valid and up-to-date license. In addition to appropriate licensing, all contractors who will be working on the job should be bonded or insured. In the unlikely event that anything does go wrong, this will allow the property owner an easier course of action for receiving just compensation.

Ask For Proof

Just hearing the words “licensed, bonded, and insured” from a company’s spokesperson shouldn’t be considered adequate proof in and of itself. Ask to see proof of insurance and ensure that it includes worker’s compensation coverage. Taking this simple step can avoid serious trouble over the course of the project.

Ask About Guarantees

Most companies and contractors will offer at least limited warranties on products and workmanship. A truly exceptional company might even offer a limited lifetime guarantee. If possible, choose one that does.

Get a Written Quote

It’s important to get a written quote before beginning the project. If a contractor or company is hesitant to put down a guaranteed price in writing, it should be considered a red flag.

Get Started Today

The first step for any property owner considering Commercial Basement Remodeling is to learn a bit more about the contractors in his or her area who can help.

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