Tips for Facade Preservation in Chicago, IL

Maintaining buildings with brick or stone facades can be difficult, especially given that many structures that feature facades are considered historical buildings. Most aspects of facade preservation in Chicago IL really require the help of a professional. Property owners would do well, however, to provide routine cleaning and inspections and to keep an eye out for the following signs of distress, which should be interpreted as warning signs that it’s time to call an experienced masonry service for help.

Cracks and Flaking

Whether the cracks and flaking are occurring on bricks or stones themselves or in the mortar joints between these design elements, it should be taken as a serious red flag. Flaking mortar usually requires professional repointing, in which a mason will remove the old, damaged mortar joints from between the bricks or stones and replace them with new mortar. If there are cracks in the bricks themselves, however, it may be a sign of structural issues, which will need to be addressed in order to prevent similar damage in the future.

Loose Stones

Once the mortar has begun to deteriorate, it can cause bricks or stones to come loose, which can eventually lead to serious damage if the issue is not immediately addressed. If elements of a facade are loose or entirely missing, it’s time to take action. Most masonry contractors who offer Facade Preservation in Chicago IL are capable of repairing this type of extensive damage, but be sure to clearly describe the problem when looking for a quote as it often costs more to entirely replace bricks than it does to provide repairs that will stop them from coming loose, to begin with.

Structural Damage

If a building’s facade has undergone acute or chronic structural damage due to a natural or man-made disaster or the simple passage of time, this damage should be repaired immediately in order to prevent the need for entirely removing it and rebuilding from scratch. A few of the most common signs of structural damage include cracking bricks and the presence of noticeable leaks. Visit to get help from a professional masonry contractor now before the problem gets any worse.

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