Tips for hiring a maid service

If your day is simply too full and you find that your home is suffering as a result, you might wish to consider the benefits of a maid service in North Bergen NJ. If you have already decided to do this or you are still thinking about it you may be wondering what you should consider and what you can expect from the company. There are a few timely tips that can help ensure that you get a service that you are happy with, one that you are comfortable dealing with for the long term

*   Define the scope: The first thing you must do is define the scope; only you know if cleaning once a month or once a week is enough. What is important is that what needs to be done, will be done. Establish a list of things that you want done, not every service does everything.

*   Licensed and insured: This is important, should someone be injured while working in your home or should something get broken, know in advance that the service will be responsible for it.

  Pricing should be explicit: make sure there are no hidden fees, the price that you are given should be the price that you pay.
Who supplies the cleaning products? In the majority of cases the maid service in North Bergen NJ comes equipped with the cleansers they need to do their job. If you have any concerns about what they are using, ask them. If you feel more comfortable using your own products this is no problem for the maid service.

*   Who will be in your home? Cleaning is hard work and it takes time to do it right, but on the other hand you probably don’t want a person in your home all day. Find out how many maids will normally be sent to your home. You know yourself how long it takes, provide this insight to the service provider, it can help them allocate labor properly.

Some people are actually intimidated and end up “tidying up” before the maid arrives. Don’t; your home will not be the messiest or dirtiest they have ever seen. Although you don’t have to tidy up, it is a good idea to putting away your personal possessions and prescription drugs, etc before they arrive.

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