Tips for Hiring an Accident Lawyer

Since there are issues such as time limitations, it can be very important to hire a personal injury attorney in the Cedar Rapids IA area as soon as you possibly can after an accident. The one thing you should never do is choose the very first attorney you can find. You want and need an attorney who has experience in defending personal injury cases and, more specifically, one who is skilled at representing victims of car accidents. Talk to other people you know who have been in your shoes and, even better, jump on line and plug in an attorney’s name and see what people have to say about him or her.

Getting the Best Attorney Improves Your Odds of Winning

When an attorney prepares a case and then begins negotiating with the insurance company, it is like a boxer stepping into the ring. You want one who is in the best condition, armed with all the knowledge needed and skilled at combat. If you stepped into the ring with Ali, you wouldn’t stand a chance. That is what going up against a giant insurance company by yourself would be like for you. They hold all the chips, the power and the knowledge. Your very best weapon is a skillful personal injury attorney working on your behalf.

An Attorney can appear in Court for You

Almost all accident cases reach a settlement agreement, but those who don’t end up in court. In most of those cases, judges rule against the insurance company a large percentage of the time, but that is not to say that it is a sure thing. You want to hire an attorney who is local if at all possible. They will probably already have a cordial relationship with the court clerks in the area plus the attorneys representing the defendants. Currie and Liabo Law Firm have 20+ years of experience in personal injury litigation and are well known in the Cedar Rapids area for their tough representation of their clients.

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