Tips for Lawn and Garden Pest Control in Spokane

It is impossible to eradicate all insect pests from a property, but adequate Pest Control in Spokane can go a long way toward significantly reducing their numbers. Homeowners can read on to find a few helpful tips on outdoor pest control below.

Maintain the Lawn

Put simply, insects thrive in tall grass. Keeping that grass cut short and ensuring that the lawn is free of fallen leaves and other debris can go a long way toward reducing insect populations. Many harmful insects lay eggs and start nests in long grass, shrubs, and bushes, so keeping these areas well-maintained constitutes an essential part of any outdoor pest control strategy.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water can attract a wide variety of harmful insects, so it’s important to provide yards with adequate drainage. When watering the lawn, be sure to water early enough in the day to leave plenty of time for the grass to dry out, and always monitor the lawn during rainy seasons for standing water that could attract unwanted pests.

Be Careful With Mulch

While mulching around flower beds and gardens can help to reduce weed growth and provide essential nutrients to plants, it can also attract pests. Gardeners who do use mulch should only do so sparingly and should choose a naturally insect-repellent material such as cedar. They should also check the mulch regularly for signs of insect infestation.

Eliminate Food Sources and Attractants

If insects have food sources and nesting places around the property, they’ll be more likely to put down roots and decide to stay. It’s important to keep garbage, pet food, and fallen fruit off of the lawn and to store yard features like wood and compost piles far from structures, landscaping features, and gardens. Taking these steps will help to make the environment less desirable to pests.

Hire a Professional

While these preventative steps toward Pest Control in Spokane can be taken by homeowners themselves, property owners who notice a growing problem with lawn and garden insects should call in some professional help. Lawn care specialists typically have access to commercial pesticides and insect repellents that are not available on the consumer market, and they know how to use them safely to quickly and efficiently eradicate pests. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation to find out what steps to take next.

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