Tips For Selecting The Right Blank Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are a simple way to create a professional looking packaging option. Selecting the right blank shipping labels will make it easy to print, peel and attach the label to any package based on your specific needs.

There are several factors to consider when selecting mailing labels. When there is a standard size for the package that is always sent, it is possible to just choose one size for the label. However, for most businesses having a selection of sizes to match the specific label to the package will be important.

Ideally, the blank shipping labels should be large enough to clearly print the shipping information. When a business is shipping internationally, larger sized labels are often recommended to accommodate for different address formats used in various countries around the world.

Check the Printer

Mailing labels are designed for specific types of printers. This includes the popular laser printers as well as inkjet printers. For some businesses, there may be thermal printers, which use rolls or fan-folds. Additionally, some businesses may also be using the older styles of pin feed labels.
It is important to choose the right blank shipping labels based on the printer. The different types of paper used in these labels allow the ink to dry quickly, prevent smearing or smudging and also to limit the sometimes blurry look of the font that can occur if the incorrect type of label and printer are used.

Setting Up the Job

In addition to having the correct type and size of labels, make sure the correct label template is selected with your software program. Often when the incorrect template form is used, the centering and alignment of the printer will not be optimized for the labels, resulting in uneven lines and incorrect positioning of the text on the individual labels.

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