Tips for Selecting Window Treatments in Stamford

When the time comes to choose Window Treatments in Stamford, individuals need to determine their priorities. Some opt for privacy when selecting these items, yet others find their selection is based on the amount of light they want to let in. Following are some tips to make the process easier.

When choosing window curtains, the fabric thickness needs to be taken into consideration. Determine the amount of light desired in the room. If more light is preferred, ultra sheer fabrics should be selected. For those who want a dark room, thick fabrics are the better selection.

Cellular shades are great when maximum privacy is desired. There is another benefit to obtaining this type of window treatment. These shades are made using a honeycomb design, and this helps to insulate the window, keeping the heat in and the cold out.

Many bedrooms call for natural light, yet privacy is needed in these rooms. Floor to ceiling drapes provide both in one convenient window treatment. Individuals can install the drapery track or rod on either the ceiling or the wall, based on the characteristics of the room.

For hard to reach windows, look into hardwiring the window treatment. This allows you to control the curtains, drapes or shades using a remote or control panel. Many decide on roller shades in this situation, yet other types may work also.

Blackout curtains are great for those rooms that need to be completely dark. The problem is that light may come in on either side of the drapes. When installing the drapes, extend them 18 inches on either side of the window. This ensures the light doesn’t seep through any cracks.

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