Tips for Success in Your Remote Career

Remote jobs offer a lot of convenient freedoms and perks: you can customize your work space, save on the commute, and you get to be at home while you work. When you’re at home though, it can be easier to become distracted either with household chores, your computer, or anyone knocking on your door or coming over. You don’t have your supervisors checking up on how your work is going, so it can be easier to derail from your work. Here are some tips to keep on track.

  • Know your deadlines
    Deadlines are important for remote workers because it doesn’t matter when you get it done, as long as it’s before or on deadline. If you work better with breaks and you know what time your assignments are due or what time you planned for yourself to complete a task in a project, you have a better chance at successfully meeting those deadlines. Even if you get distracted, if you meet your deadlines, you’ll still be proficient and no one will be upset with you.
  • Get a planner
    A planner can help you keep track of deadlines, plan projects, and schedule breaks or stretch time throughout your day. Having your plans in writing will make it a lot harder to forget when something is due. You can write notes and imagine the days of the week better. Digital planners also add a convenient touch for your remote position, as you can share days with other the people who are on your team.
  • Avoid distractions
    This one is easier said than done. It’s easy to say you’ll avoid distractions, but when your phone is right next to you and you get a ton of notifications at once, and then you’re on YouTube deep diving into the weird back corner of video making. You want to make sure you set ground rules with your family for what they can or shouldn’t bother you with. If your phone distracts you, you may want to keep it somewhere else when you’re trying to work, or turn it off completely. Be honest with yourself and try to catch yourself in the distraction to break the habit of checking your phone or searching the web when you should be completing a task in a project.
  • Stay connected
    One of the disadvantages to working from home is feeling isolated from your other coworkers. You need to keep communication open from everyone on your team to make sure you’re all on the same page. Don’t assume you’ll come off as needy if you need to ask questions or contact the other people working for the company. Participating in meetings or staying connected is a great way to make sure everyone s on the same page and you get to socialize with your coworkers more to get an office fix without needing to work at the office.

There are so many remote employment opportunities, you just need to find the right one for you. There are remote web developer jobs or engineering jobs that you can get to work from home, it’s just a matter of being responsible and self-disciplined enough to do your work. Avoiding distractions will help you stay on task and complete your work more efficiently, so utilize these tips to become more responsible and independent in your remote position.

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