Tips to Update your Bathroom with Tile

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Plumbing

The Bathrooms Weston-Super-Mare homes remodel need finishing touches to create unique design details. When you are looking for ways to update your bathroom, new tile can work wonders to create an entirely new look. Here are some of the most popular looks the bathrooms Weston-Super-Mare homes are embracing.

Classic White Marble

White marble is the elegant finishing touch for classic bathroom designs. It can be used to create an upscale look when combined with high end finishes such as crystal or crystal like chandeliers, stunning shower rooms and sculptural tub designs. However what is lovely about white marble is that it also lends itself well to the more casual bathroom when paired with details such as white subway tile or classic black and white mosaics on the floors and walls. You can create a loft like bathroom for an industrial look with hints of white marble on countertops or in shower surrounds. White marble works on walls, flooring and countertops making it versatile and attractive for use in many different ways.

Glass Tile for Sparkle

Glass tile has become very popular for a number of reasons. First and foremost it adds lovely sparkle to walls. However it is also a completely sustainable material appealing to the eco-friendly home owner. Glass is the perfect material for bathrooms as it is easy to clean and offers a number of finishes and textures that can add contrast. Glass tile also is available in mosaics, larger sheets and classic subway designs allowing you to create a multitude of design details. Colour selection is also endless making it a popular choice for designers. You can also match it to glass countertops another growing trend in bathroom design, or use it simple as an accent in shower surrounds paired with more affordable tile options.

Affordable Porcelain and Ceramic

The affordable choice doesn’t have to be the least attractive choice for bathrooms Weston-Super-Mare home owners design. In fact modern designs have developed many desirable looks including faux natural stone and wood options that can create a contemporary edge. Regardless of whether you want a traditional bathroom, modern and edgy look or contemporary design, porcelain and ceramic tile can completely change your bathroom and match the style you prefer. They also come in large scale tiles ideal for floors as well as for modern walls. Colour, texture and size are never an issue when working with this affordable option. Classic mosaics in black and white create a Parisian look and also work for the classic Victorian bathroom. Your options are endless when it comes to porcelain and ceramic.

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