Tooth Injuries Require Treatment Through the Emergency Dentist in Perth Amboy

Tooth injuries can cause major damage to your tooth, leading to tooth death and loss. Since these injuries can be so serious, it is imperative you are seen by the dentist as soon as possible. When your dentist is not available to see you for an appointment, it can help to see an Emergency Dentist in Perth Amboy. This will allow your injury to be checked and treated, so you can hopefully avoid tooth loss.

Types of Tooth Injuries and Their Treatments

  • No matter what type of injury your tooth may have, cosmetic dentistry can repair it. If your tooth has become so badly damaged it cannot be repaired, the dentist can schedule you for a dental implant procedure.
  • Cracks in the teeth are common and often occur because you have decay. If your tooth becomes cracked while you are eating, the Emergency Dentist in Perth Amboy can easily repair the damage. Using dental resin, the cracks will be filled and sealed. This prevents food from getting in the cracks and ensures your nerve is not exposed.
  • If you have a more severe injury, such as a broken tooth, the dentist will smooth the edges of the tooth and fill it with resin. Depending on how severe the damage is, you may require a crown over your tooth. Crowns are meant to cover teeth that are no longer structurally sound, so they do not become further damaged. Visit Aberdeen Family Dental for more information.
  • When you experience blunt trauma, through an accident, your tooth could be completely knocked out. As long as the roots are intact, the Emergency Dentist in Perth Amboy may be able to save your tooth from complete loss. It is imperative you get to the dentist quickly, so the tooth does not die.

For further information on tooth repair and dental care, visit They can provide your entire family with the essential dental care services needed, to keep your smiles healthy. They also offer cosmetic and emergency dental services. Contact them today and learn about the many dental services they offer, so they can help you keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

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