Tough Allergy Season? Annual Mold Detectors in Ashburn VA Protect Against the Tough Season Transitions

Mold that goes untreated for a season can become a massive health detriment when the season comes to a close. Has the winter been especially rough for allergies? Has there been any potential water damage, however mild, that was not treated to perfection? Mold Detectors in Ashburn VA can help determine the situation. Mold is nefarious and sneaky, and it ebbs and flows alongside the annual cycle of seasons.

The Seasons Work in Favor of Mold

Mold can grow over a single season. It also won’t stop. Once the mold hits a certain threshold, it encourages more growth and more mold. It hits a fever pitch and accelerates tremendously through the entire home.

Unmaintained mold, for a single season, could be disastrous by the time the next year or season comes back around. It could also be something that is not easily detected until the weather warms up or cools down.

The Winter Attack from a Wet Summer and Fall

For example, take the beautiful summer rain of the Virginia skies. During the summer, a very small and subtle leak was present on the side of the property. Water came in and sat. The mold grew, however subtly, over the course of the summer. By the time fall comes around, the air cools down. The house closes up and windows are shut. All of this helps to insulate the home from the cool air outside. It also helps retain the mold. As fall ends and winter progresses, the mold from the foundation is now readily disbursed into the air. The mold has grown further because it is insulated from the cold air outside.

The crack from the summer is still there. The mold did not make its presence known until months later. The once easily-managed problem has grown extensively, and the insulated environment of winter does little favor towards fighting the mold growth.

This is one example of how the annual cycle of seasons can create a warm and welcoming environment for mold. The reverse works (mold growth in winter flourishes in summer). Utilize Mold Detectors in Ashburn VA and an experienced team to tackle allergies and annually review the home. Visit the Site for details about costs and how this monitoring works to help against allergies.

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