Treating Arthritic Feet with Foot Orthotics in Kenosha, WI

Some rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have issues with their feet, requiring treatments from podiatrists. Pain is the most common complaint, for those dealing with arthritis in their feet, as they can ache after being on them for a few hours, or they can hurt due to the damage in the joints of the feet. To treat arthritis in the feet, whether caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, a podiatrist may recommend shoe inserts.

Using Orthotics

In most cases, podiatrists treating people who have arthritis in their feet will recommend foot orthotics in Kenosha, WI. These inserts are customized to the patient’s feet to provide relief by limiting the motion of arthritic joints. This helps to reduce pain the patient may experience, when walking or standing on their feet.

Shoes for Arthritis

Along with customized orthotics, your podiatrist may recommend you buy a pair of shoes designed for people with arthritis. The shoes are a little deeper and they also act to limit the motion of joints in the feet. Some patients may also need their shoes to be modified to treat their arthritic feet, such as having laces replaced with Velcro straps, adding rocker soles to reduce pain in the balls of the feet, or changes to make it easier to insert foot orthotics into shoes.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

For people with rheumatoid arthritis, the podiatrist is only one member of their treatment team. They will also seek advice from their rheumatologist, and perhaps a physical therapist, to successfully reduce pain and other issues caused by their condition. Kenosha foot orthotics may be recommended to help cushion the feet and provide better shock absorption to reduce pain.
Foot orthotics are also used to treat and correct other conditions. Customized orthotics are recommended because they are made specifically for your feet to treat arthritis and other foot issues.

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