Trends in Bathroom Remodeling, Hire a Chicago Contractor

Many homeowners in Chicago who have decided on a bathroom remodeling project might be stuck deciding what they want to add. Though a trustworthy contractor will have many suggestions for you, it’s also worth it to check out some of the common trends:

Walk-In Showers

Depending on how old your home is, or how long it’s been since you have had a bathroom remodel, it’s likely that you have a tub/shower combination. Though common, these are not the trendiest features of modern bathrooms. Instead, walk-in showers are a great option. These are very functional, and they offer a wide range of design options. You can also choose from many different materials including granite, marble, glass, and title. These showers bring a sense of elegance to the bathroom, and if you need a place to sit or hold yourself up, you can install rails or a bench.


Though carpet isn’t extremely common in the bathroom, linoleum is. But, there is a much better and more stylish option: tile. Tile is excellent for a bathroom because it resists the development of mold, mildew, and slipping. Tiles also are available in a full rainbow of colors and patterns, and you can even get a tile that looks like other material, like wood.

Color and Design

Speaking of colors, this has changed over the past couple of years, too. About a decade ago, bright, bold colors were quite trendy. These days, however, there is a definite shift to softer colors, especially in a small bathroom. Your contractor can give more information about what colors might be best for your bathroom based on your design and the size of the room.

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