Turn Your Unused Patio into Your Favorite Outdoor Spot

Many of today’s homes have a bland slab of concrete patio outside one of the back doors. This space is designed to be used for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, but these often sit unused and abandoned because of being unattractive and uncomfortable. If you have one of those patios, here’s how to turn it into your favorite outdoor spot.

Start by purchasing a patio shade cover. These affordable covers provide protection from the sun and the rain. These attach to the side of your home on one side, and have supports on the other to create a permanent roof over your patio. Patio shade covers come in several sizes and colors, to match or coordinate with your home perfectly. Patio shade covers let enough light through to keep the area bright, but can drop the temperature by as much as 15 degrees during the hottest part of the summer. These are much sturdier than purchasing an awning, and look much more like a permanent fixture of your home.

Stain your concrete floor. That bright white concrete is blinding and hot. Your patio shade cover will keep it cool, but staining it will make it blend in better with your home and make it much more attractive. You can buy concrete stain at any home improvement store, making this a great do it yourself project. Simply pressure wash the patio to get it completely clean, let dry and stain. There are many colors you can choose from to match your floor to your home or your patio shade cover.

Add some comfy furniture. You may choose to make your patio a sitting area, a grilling and eating area, or, if the patio is large enough, it can be both. Add an outdoor rug comfortable furniture to create a sitting area, and don’t forget a coffee or side table for holding drinks. A patio table with chairs will give you a great spot for alfresco dining. Add some potted plants or annuals to give your patio some color. String lights or rope lighting can give your patio great evening ambience.

These simple steps are all it takes to turn your unused and overheated patio into your favorite spot for reading, entertaining or dining. With a few inexpensive purchases, your space will be totally transformed and you wonder why you didn’t makeover your patio much sooner.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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