Types of Auto Repair Software

When it comes to auto repair software, most features are available as a suite for less than you could purchase each of the individual pieces. However, if you do not need all of the features and only need one or two then it may be better for you to simply purchase what you need, but what are some of the different types?

POS Software

Auto POS software is similar to what is used at your local supermarket but is specifically built for mechanics. Even if you do not purchase a suite many of these programs have an inventory tracker built in. This will allow you to track your shop’s inventory without having to manually track it. Your employees will simply enter the item as they use it and it will be subtracted from the inventory list.

Repair Software

With everything going digital it is no surprise that repair manuals have as well. Auto repair software includes repair instructions for many different jobs on many different makes and models. This can make things easier when you have an uncommon car come in needing repairs. If your staff is not familiar with them and you do not have a manual, this could be a problem, but with an auto repair program, you have all of the information you need available to you. Many also include repair videos to make it even easier to use.

Diagnostic Software

As more and more jobs in your vehicle are controlled by the computer diagnostic software is becoming more and more important. This software will allow you to scan for codes with much greater accuracy and detail than a simple OBDII scan will. This software will interface with the vehicle’s OBDII port and can pull codes from the ECU and compare them against its database to give you specific problems as well as common fixes.

If you own a small mechanic shop, then chances are your business could benefit from finding the right software for your needs. While suites do cost more, you also get many more features, and it will cost less in most cases that piecing one together from individual programs.

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