Types of Grave Markers in CT

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Business & Economics

For thousands of years, people have used various things to mark the graves of their loved ones. They can be made from a variety of materials, and there are many different types of markers to choose from. They usually are engraved with such information as the deceased person’s name, date of birth, and the date of their death. They may also have memorials inscribed on them as a tribute to the deceased. Today, many markers even have photos of the deceased, and some show videos of their lives. Markers can range in price, with the most elaborate also being the most expensive.

One of the most commonly-seen types of Grave Markers in CT is the headstone. This is usually made from either granite or marble, and is considered to be the traditional stone for marking graves. They can be simple slabs of stone, or they can be ornate with carvings and other decorations. Sometimes, one headstone is used to mark the graves of entire families, with the information of all of the people who are buried in a family cemetery plot. Usually, when there is a stone like this, there are also small markers with the first names of the deceased to mark the individual graves.

Many people do not want to have fancy headstones for the graves of their loved ones, or the deceased has expressed this before their deaths. In this case, plaques are often used for Grave Markers in CT. These are often made from brass, granite, or marble, and the information about the deceased is engraved on the top. They are set so that they are almost flat against the ground.

For those who want something a bit different, a memorial bench may be a good option. This is a bench that has a plaque with the information about the deceased engraved on it. The bench can be used to mark the grave, and is a place for loved ones to sit when they visit. It can be used as the marker itself, or alongside the marker. To learn more about the types of markers available, visit Shelleybrothersmonumentsct.com.

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