Underfloor Ventilation Systems Worth Considering

What kind of home improvement do you plan on doing to your property this season? Whether you like to show your home some TLC on a seasonal or annual basis, underfloor ventilation systems are always a good option. Consumers everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of underfloor ventilation, which is a heating system that could improve property insulation. A convenient and simple option, ventilation systems are ideal if floor damp problems are an issue. Let’s take a few minutes to find out more about available systems and how they work.

Dangers of Damp Flooring

The treatment of rising damp is revolutionising, so no matter how serious the damp flooring problem in your home might be, you can rest assured that an expert will be able to install suitable underfloor ventilation systems. Long-lasting and economic, damp flooring removes ground moisture effectively and the maintenance afterwards is minimal. Unless you deal with it in a timely manner, damp can seriously affect health. Basement rising damp and even leaking pipes can contribute to mould growth, which could trigger a range of respiratory conditions, including bronchitis and asthma. People with a weak immune system, children and elderly individuals will suffer more than others, so take the issue seriously.


Mould cleaning and removal will normally be completed by the expert you hire before underfloor ventilation systems are fitted. Ducting is one of the most popular types of ventilation, but it is usually fitted in the ceilings rather than the floor! This makes it the ideal choice if plumbing systems and other underground fixtures are taking up too much room. Used selectively in environments where high performance is a necessity, ducting is highly resistant and will stand the test of time in even the dampest of conditions.

Pumps and Fans

An alternative option to ducting would be pump and fan underfloor ventilation systems. A licensed and fully insured rising damp specialist will use the latest worldwide technology, which will perform well for many years and put a stop to termite infestations, as well as fungi and mould growth. Some pumps and fans can extract as much as 5,000 (or more) litres of damp air every single minute! This is pretty impressive and if you consult with a professional, stale air will become a thing of the past. Consider the circumstances and your budget before deciding which system would best suit your needs.

Do you need damp proofing or underfloor ventilation systems in Sydney? If so, contact Damp Controllers PTY Limited today on 0431 55 04 06.

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