Understanding Prescription Drug Coverage in Cleburne

Prescription drug coverage under Medicare pays for part of the cost of prescription drugs for covered individuals. Medicare works with private insurers to offer these benefits, and you may be eligible regardless of your drug cost, income or illness. Because these plans are offered by private insurers, every plan is different. Some only cover certain medicines, and some allow policyholders to use a limited number of pharmacies. Your insurance agent with Aiken Insurance Agency Inc can help you choose a plan that meets your needs.

Choosing a Prescription Drug Plan

Your insurance agent is a great source of help in choosing a Medicare Part D plan, as is Medicare itself. You can get information online through the Medicare website, or by calling their hotline at 1-800-633-4227.

Other Sources of Information and Assistance

SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Programs) are another good source of information on Medicare Part D plans. By calling the Medicare hotline mentioned above, you can get in touch with a local SHIP office. There are groups in your community that can help you pick the right Prescription Drug Coverage in Cleburne.

The Cost of Prescription Drug Coverage

The cost of a Medicare Part D plan depends on the plan selected, the drugs you use, and whether you can get assistance paying the cost of coverage. Most prescription drug plans charge a premium each month, a deductible of less than $320, and a copayment for each prescription. Some people can get additional help paying for Prescription Drug Coverage in Cleburne; if you think you are eligible, visit the SSA’s website or call them at 1-800-772-1213.

The ACA and Medicare Part D

President Obama signed the ACA into law in 2010, and it benefits those Medicare recipients hitting the gap in prescription drug coverage. This gap is the period in which plan patients must pay for all of their prescription drugs. The ACA established that enrollees must get a discount on covered prescription drugs; the discount increases each year until recipients pay only 25% of the cost of the drugs. Plan enrollees must also get a similar discount on covered generic drugs. If you need help understanding the new healthcare law or in choosing Prescription Drug Coverage in Cleburne, call a local insurance agent.

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