Understanding the Significance of Presenting a Three Stone Engagement Ring

The three diamond ring shares a significant moment in your life. When it is presented as an engagement ring, it symbolizes the wonderful memories from your past, your current circumstances, which clearly involves an engagement or a marriage proposal and finally, commits you to the moments that will form your future.

Think Clearly About Your Choice of Ring

When the evidence is clear in your mind and you are going to offer a proposal of marriage to your loved one, you do not have to use or consider the traditional route and purchase a solitaire ring. The three diamond ring is specifically significant and symbolizes your past, present and future.

Which Style Should You Choose?

As each of the stones within the three diamond ring signify a different stage of your life, you will have to consider whether you are going to choose engagement rings where each stone is similar in size, or a larger stone for the middle diamond.

Where the diamonds are the same size, they will also be the same carat weight. Should you have selected the larger diamond for the middle stone, its weight will be equal to the two diamonds on the outside.

There is also the option of choosing a larger diamond for the middle of the ring, but less than twice the size of the other two diamonds, so that the graduation between the diamonds is significantly smaller.

Whatever budget you set for the engagement ring, there are sure to be a three stone diamond ring option for you. You may choose to include gemstones instead of diamonds to match your financial situation and this will not lessen the impact of the beauty and the symbolization.

The most important aspect of offering an engagement ring and the style, is to choose one that will be loved and adored by the wearer for the rest of their life.

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