Upgrade Your View with Glass Replacement in Downers Grove

A window is a beautiful thing, and the windows on a building can either enhance or detract from its look. Windows bring natural light into your space, provide fresh air and protection from the elements, and offer a view of the great outdoors. Glass technology has come a long way in recent years, and there’s no better way to upgrade your view than a glass replacement.

Improved Technology in Glass

The glass industry has seen significant changes and recent improvements in fabrication methods, glass materials, and performance capabilities that will make you want to take a second look at the condition of the glass in your home or building. If your glass is older than ten years or so, chances are you’re not getting the best performance out of it. Glass performance involves aesthetic quality, strength and durability, and energy efficiency. Modern glass technology has placed glass replacement options, which used to be wishful thinking, well within your reach.

High Performance Coatings and Tints

A significant portion of the energy that is used to heat or cool interior spaces is leaked and lost through glass and windows. Insulated glass units reduce thermal conduction by filling two or more pieces of glass with air or inert gas. Heat energy from a warm interior is radiated through glass to the exterior, and heat from the exterior is radiated to the interior. High performance coatings and tints limit the amount of light and energy that is transmitted through glass.

“Low E” is a thin, metallic coating that is applied to one or more glass surfaces that make up an insulating glass unit. Low E limits the radiation of thermal energy to the outdoors from heated interior spaces and from the outdoors to cooled interior spaces. Tints are coatings that are applied to glass surfaces to limit the amount of visible light that passes through a pane of glass. Tints are available in various colors and may be gray, bronze, blue, or green to provide both shading to the interior and aesthetic appeal to the exterior.

Find the Perfect Glass for Your Project

Whether you need to replace your single-pane storefront glass with double-pane insulating glass or you want to add a creative flair to your windows, there is sure to be a product for your project. Get more information about the possibilities and your options for your glass replacement in Downers Grove.

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