Upgraded or Additional Electrical Installations in Scranton, PA

Often, when a homeowner is renovating their home, especially when those renovations are rather significant, some things tend to get overlooked. One of those things that many homeowners don’t consider a great deal is any upgrades to a home’s electrical system.

The Problem With Older Homes

Many times, when a person is renovating an older home, they will find that the wiring is somewhat substandard, and a great deal of work will be needed to get the wiring up to current code. This can increase the risk of electrical fires. In addition, the existing wiring may not be able to provide the power necessary for a new HVAC system or for more powerful appliances that are being installed during the renovation process. This is where Electrical Installations in Scranton PA may be helpful.

Upgrading and Expanding a Homes Electrical System

In some cases, when a homeowner is putting a new edition onto their home, the expansion of a home’s electrical system may need to be a bit more than adding a few new electrical wires to accommodate new wall outlets and light switches. There are situations where the existing electrical panel doesn’t have the capacity to handle the necessary power requirements. In these situations, not only may the wiring have to be improved and upgraded, but a new electrical panel may have to be put in place. This will make sure that the home provides enough power for the increased demands of new appliances and new cooling and heating systems.

Small Electrical Changes

There are other times where upgraded lighting, the addition of dimmer switches, or the addition of more power outlets in a renovated space will need to be completed. It is in these cases that Electrical Installations in Scranton PA can provide the electrical services to make sure that the new lighting schemes, dimmer switches, and power outlets are properly installed in a safe and comprehensive manner.

Whether your home renovation requires extensive electrical upgrades or the upgrades are minimal, it will be important to have a service like Quality Electric handling any electrical issues. With their experience and qualifications as licensed electricians, there’s no better choice when it comes to upgrading or changing a home’s electrical system.

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