Using A Dumpster Service in CT To Clean Out School Lockers

When it becomes the end of the school year, many students will have an abundance of papers within their lockers to remove. A great idea that schools can incorporate into their end of the year routine is to allow students to clean out their lockers on-site. This will ensure the paperwork inside each locker will be recycled as needed.

First, the school should call a Dumpster Service in CT to bring large bins to the school for refuse collection. Smaller bins can be placed in the hallways so students can empty their lockers of any trash as needed. These bins can then be hauled outdoors to place the contents inside larger dumpsters. It is a good idea to rent one dumpster for trash and another one for papers. The service will then be able to remove the dumpsters when the task is completed.

To help students stay on top of the task, it can be helpful to have two separate refuse containers in each hallway. One should be labeled “garbage” and the other labeled “paper items only”. The students can look through all paperwork to determine which items they would like to bring home with them and which ones are no longer needed. Blank paper can be placed in a third pile if deemed necessary. This can then be brought to classrooms to use for scrap paper when needed.

Consider holding a contest to see which hallway completes the task in removing refuse from lockers first. The students will then use the time wisely in removing garbage from their lockers rather than using it to socialize. Give out prizes to each student in the hallway that finishes this project first. This will become a fun day for all involved and the garbage will be eliminated properly as well.

If a school is interested in obtaining Dumpster Service in CT, they can contact a reputable rental company in the area. Contacting Willimantic Waste Paper Co is the best way to have bins and dumpsters dropped off and picked up when needed. Call for rates and schedule a delivery at this time as well.

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