Using A Pest Control Service To Remove An Ant Problem

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Pest Control

When someone notices there are a lot of ants getting into their home, they will want to take the appropriate steps in eliminating them completely. One of the best ways to handle an ant problem is by calling a company like Atlas Exterminator Co Inc. to use a strong pesticide to kill all ants in the home effectively. After ants are eradicated, steps can be taken to ensure they do not become a problem again in the future.

Keep The Home Clean To Keep Ants Away

Cleaning the home frequently will help in keeping ants from sticking around the interior. If there is no food source available, ants will move on to other areas. Taking time to vacuum up crumbs and wipe down counters after meal preparation will eliminate odors that attract ants. It is also a good idea to use a solution of vinegar and water to clean surfaces in the kitchen. This will also mask any food odor so ants are less likely to stay in the home as they will not be able to find food as easily.

Fill In Any Crevices On The Exterior Of The Home

To keep ants from getting into the home, an evaluation will need to be done on the exterior of the house for cracks that lead the interior. Any crack can be filled in with caulk to seal ants out of the home. It is also important to check for crevices around windows and doors. These can be treated with weather-stripping to aid in stopping ants from getting inside.

Use Deterrents To Thwart New Ant Invasions

Ants tend to stay away from powdery substances like chalk or talcum. Drawing a line on the floor underneath doors and sprinkling powder along windowsills can help in keeping ants on the outside of the home. If ants are seen walking on the exterior of the home often, adding crushed gravel around the perimeter of the house may be helpful in keeping ants away from the structure.


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