Using Atlas Exterminator Co Inc To Eliminate Ants From A Home

When ants are noticed walking around on surfaces inside of a home, it is likely those who live there will want them eliminated as soon as possible. Most people will contact a pest control service like Atlas Exterminator Co Inc to aid with this endeavor. After ants are eradicated, further steps can be taken to ensure they do not become a problem inside of the household again in the future.

Keep On Top Of Food Dispersal

If food remnants are left on counter tops or if crumbs drop to floors, ants are likely to return as they will have food readily available to eat themselves. It is extremely important to do proper cleaning procedures after the preparation and eating of food to help in keeping crumbs and traces of food at a minimum. It is best to cover any leftovers and place containers inside of a refrigerator for safekeeping rather than in cabinets or on counter tops where ants are more likely to smell remnants.

Make Sure Cracks Are Filled

Ants will use cracks in the exterior of the home to make their way to the inside areas. It is important to fill in cracks in siding as soon as they are noticed. Pieces of steel wool can be stuffed into holes and chicken wire can be used to cover holes if necessary. If the siding is severely damaged, getting repair work done by a professional may be necessary. It is also wise to use caulk or pieces of weather-stripping to fill in gaps around windows and doors if necessary.

Deter Ants From Getting Too Close

Ants will shy away from areas where certain smells or substances are present. Diffusing essential oils or using vinegar as part of a cleaning process can be beneficial in keeping an ant problem at bay. Ants will also stay away from chalky substances. Some people find that sprinkling talcum powder in areas where ants were noticed previously can be beneficial in keeping them from returning.

When there is a need to hire a reliable pest control service, consider using Atlas Exterminator Co Inc. Browse the Website and then call them today to set up an appointment for an evaluation of a home if desired.

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