Using Exterminators in Pasadena To Rid A Home Of Ants

When a homeowner notices there are several ants crawling around inside of their living space, they will want to take fast action in having them removed in their entirety. Most people will call one of the Exterminators in Pasadena to do the job promptly and effectively. After a pest control service handles an ant problem, it will be necessary for those living in the home to take steps in keeping ants from returning. Here are some tips that will help keep ants from taking up residence in the home again.

Clean The Home Thoroughly To Remove Crumbs

Failing to clean a home will lead to potential pest problems. Ants will have a readily available supply of food if crumbs are not removed from floors and counters. It is best to vacuum floors every few days to remove any debris that may attract ants. In the kitchen, in addition to routine cleaning of food preparation surfaces, leftovers should be contained and placed in the refrigerator.

Take The Time To Fill In Known Crevices

If there are cracks in the siding of the home, ants can slip through them to the interior of the house. All cracks should be treated with caulk to provide a barrier that ants will not be able to penetrate. Gaps around window frames should also be blocked with caulk or weather-stripping pieces.

Add A Barrier Of Stone Around The Home

Ants are more likely to walk upon the exterior of a home if there is a grassy surface around the perimeter of the structure. Adding a few inches of gravel around the home will aid in keeping ants away from the siding. Ants will avoid walking upon rocky surfaces over grassy ones.

When there is a need to use Exterminators in Pasadena to remove ants from within a home, finding one that will do the job promptly is usually desired. Take a look at a website like us to find out more about the many services they have available to their customers. An appointment can then be scheduled to have an exterminator come to the home to eradicate the ants completely.

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