Using Restylane Silk For A Younger Look

No one wants to grow old because of the way that their body is going to look. Seeing wrinkles and saggy skin is scary for a lot of people and they will do nearly anything to try and reverse the process, including using “miracle creams” that hardly do anything except be a waste of money. One thing that is known for its amazing results of making people look younger is Restylane Silk in Chicago. Restylane Silk is one of the top injectable gels out there that is used to reduce wrinkle lines and give volume back to your lips and any other place you want volume on your face.

Restylane Silk Procedure

Restylane Silk is a gel that is made with a substance naturally found in your skin called hyaluronic acid. Not only can this gel remove your wrinkles and make your lips fuller, but it is good for being an amazing moisturizer and can heal certain things on your skin such as a burn or a scar. The gel is inserted just under the layer of your skin to give you the full look that you are desiring. This gel lasts about four months, and then you need to make another appointment to receive another injection. With this procedure, you will feel so much younger and more confident!

Your Appointment

Making an appointment is the simple part. You notice that your skin is starting to lose its lovely volume and you know that you have to act right away. When your set up an appointment with your doctor, they will ask you multiple questions about which parts of your face you are wanting to improve and how much fuller you want the areas. They will, of course, provide some feedback on your decisions and then your procedure will be conducted. Afterwards, if you are finding that you have any bad side effects, or the minor ones last for longer than a week, set up another appointment with the surgeon.

If you are looking to get Restylane Silk in Chicago, reach out to The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery on their website, and also visit our Google+ page.

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