Victoria Vancouver Island, BC: Ferries, Architecture And Gardens

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Cruise Line Company

Victoria, Vancouver Island, is the capital city of British Columbia. While Vancouver, on the mainland, is this province’s largest city, Victoria has a reputation for being a quaint, yet vivacious city. While it is possible to fly there, the most popular means of transportation to Vancouver Island is the ferry – private or government run.

The Ferry Ride

No matter whether you choose to take the public ferry from Vancouver or opt for a more luxurious mode of travel – a private ferry or ship, the journey over is part of the experience. There is something about sailing over the waves, the wind blowing in your hair, the smell of salt, the sea beneath teeming with life both seen and unseen, that sets you free. Even coming into harbour does not break the spell.

Discovering Architectural History

Victoria Vancouver Island is a feast for those who admire architecture. The pinnacle of Victorian style is Craigdarroch Castle (1887-1890), a mansion built for the notorious coal robber baron, Robin Dunsmuir. You might also want to take a tour through Victoria’s “Nob Hill.” Here, you find a variety of stately homes in diverse styles including Victorian, Edwardian, Queen Anne and Tudor Revival.


Besides towering castles and majestic homes, Victoria has a number of vivid gardens. At the top of the list is Butchart Gardens. It covers 55 acres displaying a wide array of flora combining such displays with attractive statuary and water features. Victoria Butterfly Gardens the Abkhazi Garden and the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific are other “must-sees” for garden lovers.

Victoria, Vancouver Island

Victoria Vancouver Island, BC is a city with strong ties to the land but reached best by sea. As the oldest city in the region of the Pacific Northwest, it is home to both constructed and natural beauty. To truly appreciate this scenic destination, you need to begin by leaving the land behind and arrive by boat, ferry or ship over the sea.

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