Visit The Veterinarian In Alpharetta To Keep Your Dog Healthy

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Animal Hospitals

Obesity is not just a human problem. Obesity rates are growing for dogs, as well. Further, dogs are susceptible to weight-related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. If your dog is obese, check with the vet about a wellness program. In most instances, diet and exercise will do the trick. One mistake dog owners make is leaving dog food in the bowl all day. Dogs need a routine and set meal times. The vet gives advice about how much to feed the dog at each meal. Also, feeding a dog a bunch of people food is equivalent to giving a kid junk food.

Visit the Veterinarian Alpharetta before starting a weight-loss plan. It is also a good idea to limit the pet’s treat intake. Interestingly, many pet stores sell low-fat dog snacks. In addition, dog owners must step up the exercise program. Indeed, going for a walk may not be enough exercise. Try playing a game with the dog like fetch or playing with a frisbee. Experts say most dogs love getting more exercise, and it also helps keep them alert. Ask the Veterinarian Alpharetta about dogs with disabilities. The vet may want the dog to see a physical therapist. Another area that dog owners often overlook is dental hygiene. People complain about doggie-breath, but dogs need to brush their teeth like humans.

Check the website at for more information. The vet will give you some dental care tips. In fact, more dogs are affected by dental disease than any other condition. The most common disease for them is a periodontal disease. These conditions can be avoided by brushing the dog’s teeth every day and giving them lots of chew toys. Dogs need a soft bristle brush and toothpaste from the vet. They do not like the same flavours as humans. On the other hand, the vet has toothpaste that dogs like. Be sure to brush below the gum line to avoid disease. The back, upper teeth are usually the first ones to be affected. Remember, it does not take long for plaque to turn into tartar. Exercise and daily brushing are two ways to lengthen your pet’s life.

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