Walking the Walk

Someone once said that if you need a full clip to take down your target, you don’t need to own a gun. Folks, you have to live in the real world where you can run out of ammunition, not the video game world where you can resupply your weapon by pulling ammunition out of your… hat.

Learning to Act and Think Tactically

True tactical thinking needs to come into the picture so that you don’t blow through all your ammunition in a given situation, and that you have enough left to get you and yours out of said situation in one piece. Learning tactical thinking and teamwork on a tactical shooting range at website means that you’ll exit the course with insights and techniques normally only available to intelligence, law enforcement, and military personnel.

How Not to Be a Couch Commando

Come on. Everyone knows a Couch Commando. Lots of guns, makes a big noise at the range, burns through ammunition like they’re taking a shower in it. Lots of, “Well, if that were me-” and all talk, no walk. However, when it comes to tactics and tactical thinking, a Couch Commando has little to offer anyone not playing MMORPGs. If you want to learn tactics and tactical thinking, then get off the couch in Brookshire and take the opportunity to learn from the pros.

Use Your Brain to Save Your Butt

Tactical thinking is above all hands-on. Tactics are short-term solutions to short-term problems, or actions that enable you to survive until the situation can be changed. Learning from professionals on a tactical shooting range will give you the training you need to handle yourself when a situation arises, and to know that not every solution requires blowing out a clip. In fact, you may never need to fire a shot. Leave the couch behind, and get real.

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