Warning Signs of Bad Nursing Care

Whether you are choosing a nursing home or a loved one or are looking into home care nursing nearby, it’s important to be aware of many warning signs. There are some nursing homes that are steadfast and provide great care at every moment, while others are going to slip up at times. We’ve compiled some of the signs that something may not be right for you to look at.

Lack of Answers to Questions

If you find that the nurse taking care of your loved one is constantly offering non-answers to your questions, this can be concerning. Of course, nobody is going to know everything, but the nurse should have an answer for most things. If an answer isn’t possible, they should let you know that and give you the answer when they do have it. Anything less is not acceptable.

Changes Emotionally of Physically

Your loved one who is receiving home care nursing nearby is the first person to go to if something seems amiss. If you find that this person is more withdrawn than usual, isn’t interested in activities, or has changes in their sleep pattern, it could be the sign of neglect of abuse. You may find signs of physical abuse in the form of skin tears, bruises, or pressure ulcers in areas that are not normally visible.

Unanswered Calls

When talking about a nursing home, you should be concerned if nobody picks up the phone when you call. There should be someone available to give you updates and offer information that you need at all times. If your loved one is experienced problems getting care, have them press their call button so you can see it for yourself and determine if the situation is reasonable or not.

Malnourishment and Dehydration

One of the things that often comes up in a neglectful situation is the lack of proper food and drink. If a patient is not receiving their fluids or meals, they may begin to have health problems. This is something that should immediately be brought up if you believe it is happening.

Bad Feeling

A bad feeling may be all you have to go on at first, but don’t just push those feelings away as nothing. It’s always worth considering why you feel the way you do and determining if there is a legitimate reason for it.

Home Care Nursing Nearby

For those in the area, Capital City Nurses can provide you what the care you need and the quality you desire. We offer many types of home care, including skilled nursing or companion care. To find out more about us, you can call us at 866-807-7307.

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