Warning Signs You Need a Garage Door Cable Replacement in Marysville, WA

A garage door is a fairly simple device. The door is made from a durable material built into segmented sections. Rollers are placed on each side, fitting into a track which runs up your wall and along the garage ceiling. At the other end of the track is a motor that turns a cable to pull the door up and along the track. It’s that easy. In the past, motorcycle or bicycle chains were often used. However, chains were noisy and required greasing, so many companies switched to cables. Cables are quieter and don’t involve messy grease. They do, however, require maintenance. In some cases, you might even need garage door cable replacement services. If the cable is frayed or broken, it might need to be replaced.

Frayed or Broken

A garage door cable can sometimes fray or break, which will require maintenance. A garage door cable replacement in Marysville, WA is fairly simple. An expert can perform such a replacement in an afternoon.

You might be surprised by how easy and painless a cable replacement can be. A frayed garage door cable is a danger to yourself, your family, and your garage door. If the cable breaks, the garage door could fall and harm someone, damaging the door in the process.


In some cases, you might need a garage door cable replacement because of stretched cable, not a broken one. Although they’re designed to resist stretching, such instances have occurred. If the garage door no longer goes all the way up, you’ll know your cable has stretched.

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