Ways to Create Curb Appeal with Commercial Landscaping in Boulder CO

Those in business, especially those with a storefront probably understand that first impressions are a big deal. The ability to make one starts out by ensuring that the exterior of the building and the surrounding property is well maintained. Deciding on professional Landscaping Boulder CO will allow business owners and managers to add curb appeal to their property. There are various tricks of the trade to consider.

Focal Points

If there are certain areas of the building that the owner wants to draw the customer’s eye towards, like the main entrance or signage, its great to create a focal point. A variety of brightly colored flowers or bold plants will draw the eye, making these specific areas pop, grabbing the attention of visitors. Larger potted plants that don’t have an actual lawn are a great way to make a statement as well. This is perfect for sidewalks or entrances so people know the direction to head in when arriving in the parking lot.


The best background for shrubs and flower beds is mulch. This enhances the colors due to the stark contrast. While the appearance is a plus, this isn’t the only benefit. Mulch decreases weed growth and helps retain water. This will keep plants hydrated and vibrant all season long.

Seasonal Landscape Designs

No matter what climate, whether the area has four completely different seasons or only two, it is important to update and switch the landscape design around between the change in seasons. During the winter, evergreens and soft white lights are a great investment. In the summer months, Landscaping in Boulder, CO can plant bright plants that grab the attention of anyone passing by. The changes will not only create visual interest but they will also keep the lawn at the property looking neat and updated.

Since 1999, Wards Lawn Service has been serving the Broomfield and Boulder areas. They can handle anything from a commercial landscape project for a larger property or something as simple as a residential backyard. There are 48 full-time employees with the experienced needed to make any lawn look great. For additional information Click Here.

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