Ways to Put Brick Veneer in Nassau County, NY to Good Use

Many homeowners do not realize how many ways Brick Veneer in Nassau County NY, can be used to improve the look of their houses. Veneer of this type can be used inside as well as outside. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when the time comes for some home renovations.

Changing the Look of the Exterior Walls

There are two different ways to make use of Brick Veneer in Nassau County NY, on the outside of the house. One approach is to completely cover the exterior with the veneer. This helps to provide the look of brick walls without adding that much weight to the home’s frame. In a matter of days, the home can go from sporting clapboard to looking as if it was just built with the use of real bricks.

Another approach is to only use the veneer to cover a portion of the outside walls. For example, if the home happens to be two stories, cover the first floor walls and leave the original exterior exposed for the upper floor. This helps to add visual interest to the home exterior, and still allows the homeowner to change up the look by repainting the second floor every few years.

How About Inside the Home?

It is possible to use brick veneer in several areas inside the home. One approach is to create an accent wall in the living room using the product. Even if there is not a fireplace in the room, it would be easy enough to invest in a free-standing model to place in a corner or along the center of that accent wall.

Another idea is to use the veneer instead of tile in a bathroom. This helps to provide a more rugged look to the space, something that the homeowner will find appealing. Since the veneer is already treated to resist all types of weather, the humidity in the bathroom will not be a problem.

For more ideas on how to put brick veneer to good use, talk with a contractor today. It will not take long to find the right application, get a quote for the installation, and be ready to transform the look of a room or the whole house. Visit here for more details.

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