Weighing The Cost Of Custom Timing Belts

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, there are a lot of decisions that go into the design and development phase of a new piece of equipment for any type of application.

In some cases, standard gears and pulleys may be used in the design that accommodates a standard size and timing belt. In other designs, there may need to be modifications to standard belts that will enhance their performance, increase their life cycle or even create a one of a kind product for additional parts and components sales.

These custom timing belts will be an added manufacturing cost, but the advantages and the features they can provide to the equipment may be well worth the small difference over a standard belt. When making the comparison, consider the following focus area in making your decision.

Unique Design for the System

With a one of a kind design in custom timing belts, the OEM can be assured that only genuine replacement belts can be used with the equipment. This can prevent low-quality third-party manufacturer belts to be used in the equipment that may result in overall performance issues.

Additionally, spending time in redesigning the component to use a standard timing belt may impact the time from concept to market, which leaves the competition the advantage.

Added Benefits and Features

When working with a top manufacturer of custom timing belts, there are a variety of features and options that can be considered. For example, it is possible to create a self-lubricating belt, use open-ended belting or even include additives to boost UV resistance.

Life Cycle Considerations

In choosing a timing belt that is customized, options to choose a wider belt or a specialized design that will add to the life cycle of the belt. This, in turn, impacts the performance of the equipment as well as the time from purchase to replacement.

Considering the benefits of customizing a timing belt over redesigning or modifying for a standard timing belt is worth the effort. In most cases, the custom belt will be the best possible solution.

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