Were You Arrested for DUI in Charleston?

You have recently been arrested for DUI in Charleston, and this is something that needs to be handled very carefully. After all, your future is at stake. There are many things that could quickly go wrong. Not to mention, there is a hefty fine involved with a drinking and driving conviction. Before assuming that you can represent yourself in the courtroom, take the time to contact The Wagner Law Firm.

This will provide the opportunity to sit down with someone who is knowledgeable regarding the drinking and driving laws. They will talk about the different things that need to be considered and come up with a plan to make things right. Of course, before a lawyer is able to help, they will need to know whether or not their client is innocent or guilty. Even though it can be uncomfortable to admit that a mistake was made, it is important to always be honest. Even if you are guilty, rest assured that the lawyer will still be able to help out.

If it seems like a major headache to set up a consultation appointment, there is also the opportunity to visit this website to get a better idea of how this process works and what to expect. Sometimes, visiting the website is a step in the right direction of hiring someone for legal representation.

Thankfully, a lawyer will go over the different things that can be expected in the courtroom. They will let you know what to say so that there are no surprises. Be patient and remember that this is a lawyer who will not give up on their client, no matter how difficult things may be. Quite often, a lawyer can reduce the amount of money that will be paid in fines and even help to lower the amount of time that will be spent in jail, if any at all. Normally, if you are willing to admit that there is a drinking problem and that getting help is an option, there should be no reason why this has to be a miserable experience. Be patient and remember things will work out as best as possible.

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