What Are Gender Responsive Treatments In Minneapolis And Their Benefits?

Everyone will experience addiction differently, which means that the road to recovery is going to be different for individuals, as well. No story is the same, which should be recognized and respected by the facility you choose. Likewise, addiction can affect genders differently. What women face may be completely different than what men face, which is why gender responsive treatment is essential in Minneapolis. Everyone has a supportive and safe environment, geared toward their particular needs.


Studies have shown that self-image, sexuality, relationships, and spirituality are all different experiences for men and women dealing with recovery of addiction. Therefore, it makes sense that the facility you choose understands this and makes you feel welcome. They will help you focus on your needs in a nonjudgmental way.

Some Differences

While it is impossible to list all the ways that women and men are different, there are a few that stand out. For example, most women feel a social stigma attached to their admitting that they have a problem with alcohol or drugs. They may have experienced trauma in the past or a lack of healthy relationships that drove them to their substance abuse. This is different from men because they may use alcohol and drugs to avoid connecting with anyone. Likewise, women may drink or take drugs to reduce stress from taking care of children and being so responsible while men may not have as many responsibilities.

Why It Works

Gender-responsive treatment in Minneapolis can make all the difference in the world. You will be placed with other women or men, instead of in a mixed group. You can talk more freely and open up about the past or the problem, ensuring that you get to the recovery point.

Gender responsive options in Minneapolis is the best way to get through substance abuse. Visit River Ridge now to learn more.

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