What Are Millwrights And What Do They Do?

The word millwright was once the job title of a person who designed and constructed water or windmills. These millwrights were mechanical engineers who understood machine parts like drive shafts, gears, mechanical belts and bearings. Water wheel mills were constructed as far back as ancient Greece, but by the Industrial, Revolution millwrights were constructing textile mills. Nowadays a millwright is more often someone who is involved in installing or moving heavy machinery. He or she must have a solid understand of hydraulics and pneumatics, and how to install or maintain valves, pumps, cylinders, and compressors.

Whether you have one large machine or a whole plant to move from one location to another, you will need to contact an industrial moving company. The millwright, along with craters, riggers, painters, and laser technicians, will take care of every step in the process, from dismantling equipment to leveling, aligning, and installing the machinery on a new foundation or base plates, and then aligning and coupling the machinery with the power generator.

A Millwright in Dallas has to use the skills of several mechanical trades. The following are some of the tasks that millwrights do on a typical job:

  *      They read and follow blueprints and schematics.

  *      They operate rigging equipment in order to place machinery into a new location.

  *      They align and install parts of a motor like gears and shafts.

  *      They attach motors and connect machines with couplings.

  *      They service or repair pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.

  *      They use tack welding for temporary welds.

  *      They repair and replace parts.

  *      They test and adjust equipment.

The most important part of a move is the reassembly when all of the parts need to be laser aligned and carefully calibrated. A move can be a good opportunity for getting a thorough inspection and maintenance service.

Millwrights work in many different industries, including Aerospace, heating and air, marine tool dealers, freight forwarding, and power plants, to name a few. They move not only large, heavy equipment but also delicate and complex equipment. If you have industrial equipment that you need to move, you can find a millwright in Dallas by visiting dfwmovers.com.

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