What are Some of the Options for Gum Disease Treatment in Viera?

Gum disease can range from a minor issue to something that threatens to undermine the condition of the teeth. A professional can assess the situation and determine what type of Gum Disease Treatment in Viera would provide the most benefit for the patient. Here are some examples of methods used to get rid of the problem and restore the patient to a state of complete dental health.

Trying Nonsurgical Methods First

Many forms of Gum Disease Treatment in Viera will not involve any type of invasive action. They are considered the front line of defense and may be enough on their own to resolve the problem. These treatments may also be necessary so the dental professional can make a further assessment and decide if a more involved treatment is needed.

Planing and scaling are two examines of these nonsurgical treatments. Planing involves removing any buildup of tartar and bacteria on the surface of the tooth, including the root. Using ultrasound to manage the cleaning, this method can remove the reason for the irritation and provide the gums with an opportunity to heal. Scaling is a similar method that places more emphasis on the exposed portion of the tooth and around the gum line. With both methods, it is not unusual to follow up with a round of oral antibiotics to help bring the condition under control.

Surgical Treatments for Advanced Cases

The dental professional may determine that nonsurgical methods are not enough to deal with the gum disease. When this is the case, surgery is needed to correct the problem. Pocket reduction is one of the more common examples. With this procedure, the professional will make a series of small cuts that make it possible to pull back the skin flaps and expose the root of the affected tooth. This makes it possible to use instruments to scrape away any type of bacteria or other buildup that has accumulated around the root.

For more information on how gum disease can be treated, Click here and take a look at the range of procedures currently in use. Make an appointment today and see if there are any signs of disease developing. If so, the right method can be used to stop the condition before it can get any worse.

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