What Are the Benefits to You for RF Sealing?

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Communication

Many companies are turning to RF sealing, or radio frequency sealing, as a solution for their needs. If your company is not using this type of fabrication process, or you are not investing in companies using it for your products, now may be the time to make a switch. In short, this type of service creates a far more airtight and waterproof seam. It helps ensure the strongest possible seam as well. This can offer a variety of benefits in many types of applications.

Take a Closer Look at the Benefits

One of the key benefits of RF sealing is its ability to create a waterproof and airtight seal. The benefit comes in the form of leak-proof seams. This means gases, air, vapors, and all types of fluids cannot pass through. They cannot enter nor can they exist from the seam. This is important for IV bags, air bladders, and similar types of applications. It can also help with improving resistance to tearing and normal wear on clothing, such as those worn by the military.

Most importantly for many companies is the benefit of strength. These seams tend to create a better level of strength against all types of strains. It can help to make seams – and the products themselves – last longer, helping to reduce replacement costs. In short, they can last longer in their best condition, even in heavy use applications.

RF sealing is very flexible. It can work to join various layers of a similar product or even products different from each other. It works on small and large products as well. It can even handle more complex patterns and design needs. It is with this level of reliability many companies benefit the most from this particular type of sealing.

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