What Can Be Expected During Water Damage Restoration in Fountain CO?

There are many ways water can enter a home. Whether due to flooding, burst pipes, damaged appliances, or roof leaks, water can leave behind great levels of damage. Thankfully, there are professionals that can help a homeowner with water damage restoration in Fountain CO. These services remove the standing water and help to fully restore the damage that was left behind.

What are the Steps Involved?

It is important a homeowner seeks immediate Water Damage Restoration in Fountain CO when water has entered their home. The longer the water is allowed to stay pooled in the home, the greater the damage will occur. Pooled water not only causes great damage to porous materials, it can also lead to mold and mildew growth and can harbor parasites. The sooner the water is removed, the better contained the damage will be.

Before the damage can be surveyed, all of the standing water will need to be removed. Using submersible pumps allows for great amounts of water to be removed in a quick manner. This is especially important when basements have been completely flooded and there are great amounts of standing water.

In addition to removing the standing water, the technicians will also work to bring humidity levels down to a manageable number. High levels of humidity occur when water has been present in a home for over twenty-four hours. As the water evaporates, it fills the air, making the inside of a home greatly humid. Unfortunately, high levels of humidity further encourage mold and mildew growth so this must be taken care of as soon as possible. High-powered fans can help with this part of the process.

Most porous materials will need to be removed after being damaged by water. Building materials such as wood and drywall will be removed and replaced so the home is restored to its former state before the water damage occurred.

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If you are in need of these restoration services, contact us. Call today so your appointment can be scheduled right away. With prompt service, your home can be fully restored and made safe for you and your family again.

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