What Do You Know About Storage In Fort Lauderdale, FL?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the amount of things they have exceeds the space in their apartment, condo or home. When this occurs, finding storage in Fort Lauderdale, FL for both short and longer term becomes an important consideration.

Your Options

If you are just storing seasonal items that are relatively low cost and that have no sentimental or actual value, any storage will usually do. All you need is a place that is dry, has locked facilities and that is low cost based on the unit size you need. This type of storage is often best served by the self-storage facilities that are scattered throughout any city.

When you have items from your home that are of value, that are personally important, or if you need to store temporarily furniture or your possessions because of a home renovation, a move, or for any other reason, learning more about the storage in Fort Lauderdale, FL is important.

Security and Safety

For items of value, either monetary or sentimental, choosing the right storage based on security and safety for your things is important. Self-storage facilities are rarely secure, and anyone with an access code or swipe card will be able to get into the facility.

Additionally, these units rarely have sprinkler systems and advanced fire alarm systems, and they do not have circulation for air and proper ventilation, which can lead to issues with mold and that mildew smell that can occur relatively quickly in the winter months.

On the other hand, dedicated storage facilities maintained by the top moving companies are huge warehouse types of buildings that have close circuit cameras, security on-site or on-call, access only to employees and enhanced building security 24/7.

These buildings are equipped with fire sprinkler systems and advanced fire detection systems. They also circulate the air and provide ventilation to reduce dust, mold and contaminant issues so common with the smaller facilities.

Moving In and Out

The additional benefit of using moving company storage facilities in Ft. Lauderdale, FL is that you don’t have to worry about moving items into or out of the facility.

Instead, the moving company will arrange this for you, ensuring your items are on the truck with the rest of your household contents on moving day, or moving items back and forth without the need to rent and truck and find people to help you move things to and from your storage unit.

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