What is a Brake Resurfacing in Canoga Park, CA?

Your vehicle is stopped by the rotors and by the brake pads. The rotors are metal discs connected to the wheels. When you apply the brakes, the brake pads grab the rotors, creating friction. That friction stops the car but it also results in a large amount of heat being discharged. That heat and friction wears away at the brake pads and can also eat away at the rotors. That can cause the rotors to warp. If you go too long without changing the brake pads, it can actually scratch the rotors. That will lead to uncertain and unreliable brake performance. Your best option is a brake resurfacing.

What Is a Resurfacing?

You can think of a brake resurfacing in Canoga Park, CA much as you think of sanding down rough wood. The rotors are often said to be “turned” in this process because the rotors are spun on a machine. The machine grinds away the surface of the metal. By gradually removing material from the surface of the rotors, it will eventually smooth the rotors.

You can have your brake rotors turned by All Car Parts Ltd. It is a process that is affordable and fairly quick. It can often be done in place of replacing your brake rotors entirely; that can save you some money.

How Often?

Mechanics differ on how often you should have your brakes resurfaced. Obviously, you should have a brake resurfacing whenever your rotors appear to be warped or scratched. Others will also recommend that you have them resurfaced every time you change your brake pads. Some of it depends on your specific vehicle. Older rotors were often made much thicker and could withstand several resurfacings. Newer rotors might be thinner and more lightweight. Ask a mechanic about what might be right for your needs.

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